Buffer Underrun Proof Only Enabled When PlexTools Opened

Plextor has this small app called Plextor Info Utility in their download section (http://www.plextor.be/download/ftp1/PXInfo.zip) I noticed that when I open this, Buffer Underrun Proof on my Plextor 712A drive is disabled. However, after I open PlexTools, the Buffer Underrun Proof will show Enabled after I hit Refresh. So is the utility flawed or is Buffer Underrun Proof only enabled after PlexTools is initiated?

I got exactly the same pb with 2 PX716A and 2 different PC also.
I saw alot of psts with PXinfos reports which showed Buffer Underrun Proof disabled also so I think this is tha case for other people taht never noticed that fact.

The real question is, is the function really disabled without Plextools had been launched???

Pleas check your Plex, test and report!

Thx in advance!

I can confirm that until PlexTools Pro is launched, PXInfo reports BURNProof off. Once enabled in PTP, BP is reported as on even after you completely exit PTP. However, that does not have any effect on what Nero Burning ROM reports. According to Nero, BP is on regardless of whether it is enabled in PTP or not.

I don’t think there is anything to worry about here.

I haven’t used PxInfo before, but I can confirm I have the same problem that appears due to an interaction between Nero and PlexTools Pro.

It seems somewhat random, though from what I can tell, it happens AFTER burning a DVD in Nero. I have noticed that the buffer underrun feature in PlexTools will “de-select” itself sometimes after burning in Nero. In Nero under the recorder selection, I leave the buffer underrun selected all the time, as well as PowerRec and DVD-ROM book type (which is redundant to the PlexTools option).

So, I have gotten in the habit of checking PlexTools all the time to make sure it’s still selected, since I don’t always use Nero to burn (mainly just the .nrg files I make).

I have 716a and plextools 2.23
After use nero to burn disc and then quit.
i find the plextools report the Burn-Proof is disabled. But i use the function " Rescan Devices " in plextools and wait few sec
Plextools will report Burn Proof is on.
I think this is a little bug …
Maybe you can try it .

Yes I have the same happen and believe it is a bug, it always seems to be on when a blank disc is inserted though.:slight_smile:

The same thing happens when PlexTools interacts with DVD Decrypter. Opening PlexTools Pro shows that buffer underrun protection is enabled, but if you launch DVD Decrypter, burn a DVD, and open PlexTools Pro again, it shows it disabled. If you close DVD Decrypter before opening Plextools, it will show enabled.

Is it perhaps a “toggle” setting, that if PlexTools already has it enabled, enabling in another program will disable it?


Hi, I have the same problem!! I have the PX760A…I’m using Plextools XL 3.08…how can I resolve it??