Buffer underrun problem in XP

Have A px-w 40/12/40 A and i have a problem with the buffer underrun from time to time. Now I have installe firmware v 1.03 and XP doesn’t find the right driver. Everytime i boot XP says it found new device PXW 4012, but i can’t install and xp can’t seem to find the driver anywhere. Have reinstalled Nero for the buffer underrun problem several times, sometimes it worked fine for 5 cd’s or so and then the problem starts again. Maybe it’s something in the combination with the rest of my devices. Have a elite K7VZA motherboard rev. 3.0 with an AMD athlon 1200.

Hope someone can help me


Seems to write good for the moment, but my device manager still says there’s something wrong with my plextor!!

Can I do anything to get that ! away from in front of the icon?:wink:

If you haven’t tried it till now - maybe uninstalling it (right click -> uninstall) from the device manager and reboot will do it (since there is no real problem with the drive).

Try installing the latest VIA 4in1 v4.43 Drivers.

If the busmastering drivers are not working properly, DMA will not work properly. Perhaps this could be causing the yellow exclamation mark.

You should never have a buffer unerrun error with your burner due to the BurnProof technology. If the buffer is draining and refilling during a burn this could be caused by DMA not being enabled for the burner or not working properly.

Have had a bigger problem. I uninstalled the plextor and restarted my pc. Than it happened. My pc couldn’t find my dvd-player nor my hard disk on ide 1. I switched the udma 66 cable with a 33 and it found my harddisk and dvd in my bios but i got blue screen saying unmountable boot device. I formatted my c: partition, reinstalled windows and everything seems to work fine now. Will now try to write a cd and hope everything will be ok. THX for the drivers. Is there a way to overclock a plextor like i did with my lite-on?

The Plextor drives are not overclockable.

If your UDMA 66 cable was bad, I would suggest replacing it with another good one. I would not leave the UDMA 33 cable in place.

I assume that your hard drive or other devices may be rated for the UDMA 66 connection speed. If so, using an UDMA 33 cable will force those devices to connect at the lower speed. Even if all of your devices operate no faster than UDMA 33, the 80 wire UDMA 66 cable is a superior connector due to less electrical crosstalk made possible by the 40 ground wires in the cable.

I don’t think i will replace the 33 cable though. My writer works fine now and everything I did in the past made it burn rather slow. Think the problem was the read buffer running back all the time, and that made my buffer drain too, guess it as that. I’m not very good at that sort of stuff, just want my cd’s to be written well and it does at this moment. If I get problems in the future i surely will remind what u said and replace that 33 with a 66.

I can’t thank u enough. :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Meniak
Think the problem was the read buffer running back all the time, and that made my buffer drain too
That’s not the problem but a result of a problem (buffers don’t drain without a reason ;)). But oh well if it works now then it’s great of course…

THX guys

Really helped me out, via 4 in 1 fixes some other problems too, like the time my plextor too to begin to read a cd.

Have my life back, Smoking w**d and burn some divx, only thing I hate is getting up in the morning to go to work!!!:wink:


Can someone fix the problem of getting up and going to work, that would be the biggest breakthrough in history!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Shit, burned 3 cd’s and have the same problem, it now slows down my whole system too while writing with read buffer drain, could be something with the connection with harddisk? Or compatibility problems? I really don’t know. Think I’ll get a new writer. It’s still under warranty.

Any suggestions what could be wrong would be welcome!

When a cd does strange things and i go to the device manager, my plextor is recognized as pio only, how can it be set to dma as a standard without changing everytime???

Well it seems to me that you have identified your problem: DMA keeps getting set back to PIO mode (and that’s why your system slows down since PIO is far slower than UDMA). I don’t think your writer is to blame here. Try installing the latest drivers as suggested and follow the advice Inertia gave you: install a new (80write U66/faster) IDE-cable on your Plextor drive. Then report back if it worked or not.

All my cables are UDMA 66 since this afternoon, and I’ve burned bad this evening. really don’t know what’s wrong. I have an other cd-player, Goldstar as slave on the same IDE, don’t know if that makes any difference.


The problem that you are having with the Plextor connection changing from DMA to a PIO connection is caused by a bug in WinXP. This has been reported many times on this forum, and as of now this bug has not been fixed in WinXP.

The only workaround for this problem is to go to Device Manager and remove the IDE connection to which the Plextor is attached, and then reboot.

After rebooting the Plextor will be redetected and hopefully the DMA capability will be detected and restored. Unfortunately, until Microsoft does something to fix this bug, you will have to continue to do the device removal routine each time the Plextor is switched to PIO mode.

Maybe it’s easier to just call to Plextor and report this problem.
Maybe they can get a bugfix or give a once and for all answer. Till then I will just fix it the way you told me, or get the Plextor back to the store and ask them to give me a Lite-on. By the way, which one’s better to write avi, Plextor or Lite-on? It’s really pissing me off, do all the plextor writers have this problem, and more important, WHY???
Can’t degrade to windows 98 now, can I? Gotta go with the flow and stay up to date. BTW, XP has several bugs, but it still works fine to me.

another thing, when I did remove the IDE 2 the last time, my PC couldn’t find the IDE 1 anymore which has my harddisk and DVD connected. Get the picture, Format PC with bootable XP, not very funny. I am scared to lose it again.


It may be easier to call Plextor, but it’s not the fault of the Plextor and can happen with a LiteOn burner as well. It is not a Plextor problem, it’s a problem with any burner with WinXP.

See http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=55077&highlight=PIO+DMA+WinXP

and http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=48756&highlight=PIO+DMA+WinXP

Neither Plextor or LiteOn is better at writing AVI files, they are both the same.

another thing, when I did remove the IDE 2 the last time, my PC couldn’t find the IDE 1 anymore which has my harddisk and DVD connected. Get the picture, Format PC with bootable XP, not very funny. I am scared to lose it again.

I don’t know what caused this to happen. Nobody else seems to have had this problem but you. It should not happen and may have been caused by some kind of user error.

So; will it change back to pio?? I have now set it to udma if available, reboot it and it’s now set back to udma 2, but I don’t know if it will change back to pio. Hope it is resolved though.

I can write at a good speed, but I have another problem, 7 discs out of ten give cyclic redundance check when I want to read em! Will the problems never stop?

What can I do to avoid that, maybe something’s wrong with the media, I use Imation cd’s! can anyone give me an answer?

What version of Nero do you use?
Did you try e new one?