Buffer underrun for nero

until recently i was able to burn cds at 52x without any problems. but now before it starts burning even one song the buffer line will go down and say that the process was aborted because of “buffer underrun” or something like that. anybody have any ideas about what this is?

Please be more specific

  • What is the actual error
    Have you installed any new hardware/software
    What is your burner
    What are you actually trying to do ie copy a game audio cd and is it from an image or on the fly
    What is your PC setup
    Finally are you doing anything different including different media from before when it did work at 52x

Also why do you want to burn so fast as it will contain more errors i personally don’t burn over 20x.

i installed some music file converter demos but then uninstalled them cause they werent what i wanted. im using nero 5.5 on a win98 os, its a samsung 252-b and im trying to compile an audio cd which i was able to do before. when the process starts it begins writing the first song and then aborts with an error message that says “buffer underrun” and thats it. i tried burning it at 12 speed but the same problem happened it just burned a little longer before the error showed up

You say a little longer is this because of the slower burning speed or did it burn more of the cd than normally.
Other thoughts, does this happen when copying a data cd, better still if you can take out your cd writer and put it in another machine, If you get the same problems probably a duff cd burner but if it works ok its a software/hardware conflict. Also what was the software you installed and also try re-installing nero to see if that cures your problem, let us know how you get on.