Buffer Underrun Errors with Nero 6 Burning ROM

I have a Plextor 708A and have twice now gotten Burn failures using Nero 6 Burning ROM because of Buffer Underrun Errors and a ‘failure to close the disc’ error. Since DVD-R’s (and I used Maxell’s) aren’t cheap, I’m trying to figure out why. Any clues?

In the attempted burn, I set NERO 6 to: DVD - ROM (UDF/ISO), NO Multisession, ISO Level 2 and ISO 9660, Joleit was off, Physically Patritioned UDF and version 1.02. The first time I tried it, it burned the whole disc until the end where it couldn’t ‘close the disc’ and said Buffer Underrun. The second time it burned about 38MB and failed with a Buffer Underrun error. Any ides as to why?


Anything here of help?