Buffer Underrun errors 109

Major problems here , ive got 2 x pioneer 109’s (crossed-flashed to XL 1.58)
Every 4/5 burns on-the-fly i get buffer underrun errors with disk juggler always at the lead-in stage , it happens with nero also at lead-in stage.
Now i must say ive NEVER had problems with these 2 drive’s they have been awsome up untill about 3 months ago.
DMA is ON , Ive got an nforce4 board but i am not using nvidia’s IDE drivers - I am using the regular windows IDE drivers. (i am only using the nvidia sata drivers for my HD)
I only use top grade media (mcc/ty) and always have, so that is not my prob.

Any other idea’s ???

If you use high grade media then you should avoid burning OTF.

Ive been burning OTF for 3 years with no problems (since Pio 106).
Like i said , fine up untill 3 month ago !!

About that time i added my old LiteOn cd-rw for burning audio (as secondry slave - Pio’s are both master)

Just wondering if thats the prob, cant see how it would affect my Pio’s tho.

OK, this may sound hypothetical but nothing lasts forever and change is the way of live… and so it is. :wink:

Maybe you should try with a new OS installation.