Buffer under run

I bought a Samsung SH-S182D today and i installed it succesfully, but when i tried to burn a CD in Nero, it failed.
It stood that Buffer under run had failed or something. :S

I searched google but couldn’t find any usefull information.
How can i prevent this problem?

is the samsung connected alone on the ide cable or with another drive? and if it is connected with another drive is it also a cd/dvd drive or a hard drive? its plain bad to connect a cd/dvd drive along with a hard drive and its best to avoid it whenever possible , also check DMA see this guide http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101616

As you say the drive is “installed succesfully”, either you’re burning too fast or the source is providing data at a too sloww pace. Buffer under run should protect you against it, if activated.
You can ask Nero to test before you burn and to choose the best speed - sometimes and for certain media you can’t use the max nominal speed indicated by the manufacturer.
Are you performing a direct copy? This can be another source of trouble if you are working on the limits.
Some protections also slow down the data to a point that can cause failures. Better to initiate a project that uses a t least a temporary file and uses your HDD for that (or memory if you have enough).
Take into consideration the indications given at the previous post, besides it doesn’t seem to be a DMA connection issue (unless there is some kind of requirement that way by the manufacturer of the drive - you have to look for it - your problem seems to be too much speed for the data provision).
I’d start by asking Nero to simulate the burn.

Techniques like Buffer Underrun protection cannot help in case of hardware problems, which includes bad media or damaged drives etc.