Buffer Under Run on 812SX

Has anyone been having problems with their 812SX having BU’s when shifting to 8x. I’ve burned over 100 disks with the same problem when shifting to 8x. Using stock fw and OmniPatched fw I still have yellow light when shifting and errors spike up. The drive is plugged in a usb2 hub w/o anything else when burning,… still does it when plugged directly into the mother board. When I burn nothing else is running and I’m using ricohjpnr01.

Anyone have a suggestion? I’ve done a clean install of xp pro and still have the same problem!

Ps. Outstanding work codeguys, just following and using your software and patches is well worth buying a Lite-On! :bow:
Keep up the outstanding work!


I had this problem also. My configuration was WinXP/Pro and was burning from a compressed directory. Removed compression off the directory and all the files under it and my problems cleared up.

One other note, since you are talking about a “SX” USB connected device. Have you checked your burst transfer rate with Nero CDSpeed ??? If your transfer rate is less than 12MBSec you will also have problems…

Hope this HELPS…

I’ve been using Clone Cd set @ maximum. The drive also does it when shifting to 6x with RITEKG04 (Omnipatched to 6x)