Buffer size for Pioneer 106 and optoRite DD0203

I’m looking at buying a new DVD writer and I am trying to decide between the Pioneer 106 and OptoRite DD0203. I’m currently running an AMD Athlon 1GB with 640M Ram.

I read a post stating that for older machines its best to buy a writer with a larger buffer. Ideally I’d like to buy the Pioneer since it seems to be the better burner but its only got an 2meg buffer as opposed to the OptoRites 8meg. Would going with the Pioneer turn my PC into a toaster production line :a or would my machine cope?

Can anyone help?


The buffer size of CD/DVD burners has become almost irrelevant for two main reasons: First, all burners now are equipped with the buffer underrun prevention mechanism. Second, almost all burning softwares also reserve additional RAM space as secondary buffer. Also note that the BenQ/Philips 8X burner seems to be the only one still with an 8MB buffer, other 8X burners including Plextor, Nu Tech, Optorite, Sony, etc. all use only a 2MB buffer.

Your computer specs are already above the minimum requirement for both burners. Instead of worrying the buffer size, frequent defragmenting the HD drive and avoid CPU intensive tasks while burning are probably more constructive. Besides I have used both burners, and the Pioneer is much better than the Optorite.

Thanks very much for your help, I’ll go for the Pioneer then.