Buffer problems

I have a pioneer 108 installed at the moment but also a benq 1620 which give the same results.

Using datawrite titanium 16x, when burning at 8 or 16x i get massive buffer problems as soon as the lead in is finished and it takes 11 mins approx to finish the burn.

I had a gigabyte mb but just got a new asus kn8 with an amd64 3000+. New sata 200gig hd. 2x 512 crucial dr 400 ram. New psu. new liteon 16p9s dvd rom. dvd rom and writer on own ide channel. Dma is enabled and aspi installed. It dosent matter if I use latest nero, sonic record now or latest disc juggler its the same.

It will burn an image of a dvd at full speed no problem. The only thing that i have not changed in last week is the crucal ram which is about a year old and the cpu which was bought with the gigabyte mb 4 months back.

Also done a memory test but with no errors so stumped now.

Everything else on pc is fine and is fast at most things just not this.

Can anyone help as its doing my head in now and my pocket is rather empty

I should have said that this is on the fly and fine from image.
Am I expecting too much burning on fly at 16x? Would an ide-sata converter speed it up?

Thanks for any replies in advance.


“It will burn an image of a dvd at full speed no problem”
“I should have said that this is on the fly and fine from image”
“Am I expecting too much burning on fly at 16x?”

No sure what you’re exactly saying :confused: - sorry but you’re not very clear…

You have this problem only when burning “on the fly”, that’s right?
If so, do you mean from a DVD source?
If so, which drive do you use as the reader, and which one as the writer? And what are your IDE connections for the drives (please mention primary master, primary slave, secondary master, secondary slave…).

What is the time difference from 16x OTF to 12x OTF to 8x OTF for you??

I have pioneer 108 on primary master with a 160gig ide hd as slave just for storage as xp is on my 200gig sata and my dvd rom on secondary master.

Burning a dvd source on a singlr layer dvd-r on the fly, its fine from an image or dvd vob folder.

It burns at 8x in about 11 mins which i think is a good time but its about the same at 16x and the buffer on nero is up and down all the time. Using stomp record now it shows the target speed at 16x and it starts off at 16x and then drops to about 4x after lead in and gets up to a about 7x during the burn.

Hope that clears things up a bit.

That’s exactly the point I just wanted to “bold”.

8x OTF is a good choice.