Buffer Problems - Using an Promise Controller


I know it has been covered before but i have recently experienced the erratic buffer problem when burning with my Samsung SM-352B combo drive. Been fine for 6 months before. Tried deleting all controllers and rebooting but still the same.

It has only recently started doing this and DMA is currently set for my controllers however my drive is connected to a Promise Ultra 100 PCI IDE controller. I have no idea how to check what mode it is in. Cannot use other ide controlers as they have CDRW, DVRW and 2 hard drives attached.

Any ideas anyone how i can check the mode or stop the buffer level problem.


John The Pom :confused:

It is generally advised to only connect hard drives to a Promise controller. No cd recorders, no DVD recorders, no anything else, only hard drives.

Move your IDE hard drives onto the Promise controller, and connect all of your other IDE devices to the motherboard IDE connectors.

On any Promise card, optical drives are locked in PIO mode, in spite of the fact that they show as DMA.