Buffer problem using nero ultra



new to this so here goes, have a pioneer dvdr 108 and last week bought a liteon 167t,flashed them both and the direct copying worked fine for a while,but now the reader buffer level starts off at 100% but after a minute or so it drops off to 49 to 50% and the copying time is a lot slower I have defraged my c-drive and tried checking that drives are running on dma which I read on another post, but I cannot find the option when I click on the pioneer or liteon in the devices manager,I am using xp with the service pack 2 and have 512 ram installed. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT


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To check your DMA status in ‘device manager’, look at the IDE controllers for your drive locations. They should be at ‘Ultra DMA Mode 2’ or better.


sorted thanks for the help


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what was the solution so myself and others can learn…future reference:)


I managed after your response to check my DMA status and it was fine,so as a last resort I tried a different brand of disc( RIDATA GRADE A 8X)I had been using these all along but the shop ran out and gave me another unbranded disc and assured me they were as good they were not,so a lesson learned use a good disc.thanks again for your help and in future I will post my solutions.I also put this on another post were someone else was having a similar problem.


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I did see that other response. I wonder if that was the solution because, although it never hurts to use good media, usually the burn will complete with bad media, it will just be of poor quality and won’t read/play in anything. Anything else you did differently? Like no other programs running/no surfing during the burn for the good result? I did discuss good burning environments in the other post so you must be aware of that effect. Anyway, I am glad you resolved your issue and I wish you continued success:)


yeah I upgraded my NERO to the newest version and thanks to this site I eventually managed to flash my pioneer without getting teh EJECT DISC problem,I also uninstalled and reinstalled my reader and writer I had done most of this before so it was probably the discs all along but you never know anyway happy days


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