Buffer Problem LG GH22NS30

Hey guys, I’m having a hell of a lot of trouble copying discs on-the-fly.

CPU: Intel Core Duo E8500
Ram: 4.00 GB
OS: Vista Ultimate 32-bit
Reader: LG GH22NS30
Writer: Optiarc AD7200S
Burning Program: Nero

Some discs copy fine but most of the time the reading buffer goes to hell and it takes forever to copy the discs.
I tried replacing the LG reader with another AD7200S and it works great, except that the Optiarc one has some trouble reading half of my discs so I’d like to keep using the LG as a reader.
EDIT: Forgot to add that I’ve tried a new GH22NS50 as a reader and the result is the same so I doubt BOTH drives are screwed.

I have a similar setup on two other computers, except the reader is it’s LG IDE counterpart (GH22NP20), same Optiarc Writer, same Nero version, Windows XP Pro and 2.00 GB of ram.

Ironically, the crappier computers copy flawlessly on-the-fly with the same discs (MIT Verbatim).

Any clues as to what may be causing it? I’ve tried everything I could think off >.> The only thing I haven’t tried was reformatting and installing XP instead of Vista, which is probably what I’m gonna try next if I can’t fix this…

Thanks in advance!!!