Buffer overrun when writing disks in Nero 7

Latest info on buffer overrun error.When installing nero7-b over nero6-18 I get the overrun error when burning disks. When I use the general clean tool to get rid of nero6 & then install nero7 everything works fine, I can burn data,audo, & DVDs without the error occuring. However when I restart my computer nero7 has the buffer overrun in visual c++ runtime library occuring
The error occurs when finished writing disks I cannot erase or get info from disks without the error occuring. I have to go back to nero6 to erase the disks that I wrote with nero7. I tried to eliminate everthing in my startup programs but nothing works.
I cannot give you a log file since the program crashes when this happens.

I say again that none of this happens when I go back to nero It works like a charm.

Rudy Schatz

PS; This happens with both the demo & my legal copy

They do say that the 6 version should be deleted first, before installing 7…SEVEN is a newer progy…

In the 2nd try I did use the general clean tool to uninstall Nero 6

I know a program called “dvd region free +css” conflicts with Nero 7.
Just untick all items in the CD tab of dvd region free and Nero 7 works fine.