Buffer on AD-7241S drops dramitically during burn

Hi I just got a new AD-7241S and im noticing during burns the"device buffer" would suddenly drop to almost nothing and then regain back up to 97% then a minute or two later it would do the same thing. Im wondering did i get a bad burner ? the few discs i made made have come out ok and readable but i notice none of my other burners do anything like that.

new htpc build , thats the only drive in there and i do have daemon tools installed if that matters , it did say something about decreased performance.

was using imgburn @ 12x (actual speed it said it was writing was about 8x)
verbatim mcc 03rg20

thx in advance

There is nothing to worry about as that is normal for the AD-7240S -7241S drives
mine does the same thing as all the rest of them. If you look at some of the burn
scans you will notice the buffer fluctuations in them all, have a look see right here

Yea from the graph that’s looks about like what it is doing , Thats strange but good to know .Thanks for the quick reply I can always count on the cd freak genius’s :bow: