Buffer Level



Hi…a newbie here!

Gotta a puzzler (for me, anyway)…was using DVDShrink and Nero for a couple of weeks now and no probs at all. Nero was burning a full movie (shrunk by DVDShrink) in about 6 - 8 minutes, which to me is super…! But now, all of a sudden, it’s taking 28 minutes to burn using Nero. I’ve got a few movie backups on my harddrive that need to be burned to get them off my HDD but now it will take hours.

The buffer level at the bottom of the burning screen in Nero keeps jumping from 17% to 92% and everywhere in between. When before, the buffer level stayed at 91 - 97%. What is up with that? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

By the way, my burner is a Plextor PX-716a.



Hey there,
I could be that DMA has somhow been tuned off on you buner. To cheek this Right click on “My Computer” > Hardware > Device Manager > IDE/ATAPI Controlers. Once here right click on the “Secondary IDE Channal” (or what ever channal you buner is on) then > Advance Setting. Once here does it say PIO or DMA? If it says PIO click the drop down box and tell it to use DMA.



Go into the BIOS and verify that your hard drive and optical drives are set to AUTO detect. Boot into windows and remove the primary and secondary IDE channels. Reboot. Verify that all devices connected to these IDE channels are set to use DMA. Also make sure that they are running in DMA mode.


sounds like the drive dropped to PIO mode. do you have any other optical drives on that IDE channel? do what VH and furballi suggested above. if you have another opti drive attached as a slave, try detaching it completely.


On the topic of buffers, I used to always use Shrink then nero to burn, and my buffer levels were always in the high %90’s.

Ive now started getting shrink to burn as ISO through decrypter- and have noticed that my buffer levels drop way down. When I check DMA, all seems normal.
Is this normal for decrypter burns?

These are 4x burns, CMCmage01, liteon 832s CG3b - and the scans come out awsome (PI/PIFmax 10/3) so im not complaining…


unless i’m doing on-the-fly burns where the read rates aren’t fast enough, i’ve never had my buffers go below 90% on my 708UF or my 2 716s regardless of burning app being used.