Buffer level jumping like crazy

I have a LG 4082B, that I originally thought was faulty -
but now all of a sudden, it starts working…
But now when I burn, the buffer level jumps like crazy - 98, 57, 39, 78, 99, 29 and so on.
A DVD that normally takes me 15 mins to burn now takes me 35 mins to burn.

Does anyone know why this might be happening?

Might be working in PIO mode…

Yeah, enable DMA (for the interface the drive is connected to) in the device manager if you still use Windows.

Try Create Data Disc tests from Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.61. Use blank DVD+RW 8x or 4x media for easy and zero-cost tests.

Im using Nero to copy some cd’s, and now it keeps on saying Unrecoverable Read error at _________.

What is this?

Post more details.

hello yo know i have te same problem and i work with cds, could you solve the buffer level jumping problem, how?

Most likely cause for the buffer not staying full is your computer can’t read the data fast enough to keep the buffer full. For example, if the computer needs to page to the swap file, or the drive is too fragmented, the buffer fluctuates because of the extra disk reads required to get the data.

If you are copying on-the-fly directly from one DVD to another, don’t. The second disc reader might not be able to read fast enough to keep up with the burner. Copy the DVD to the hard-drive first and then burn it from the hard-drive.

Possible suggestions:

1 - Make sure your hard drive is set up for DMA. PIO will slow it down too much.
2 - Don’t multi-task during burns. The burning software needs all the memory it can get.
3 - Defrag your harddrive. If you are burning from the hard drive, the file(s) may be too fragmented to read quickly.
4 - Upgrade your memory if you have less that 256MB.
5 - Make sure your computer is free of viruses and spyware. They hog resources and slow everything down.

I had theese symptoms and like AJZ said it was because the drive was working in PIO mode and when i tried to set it back to DMA it didn’t want to . I fixed this problem by reinstalling the mainboard chipset drivers and now it doesen’t go lower than 94%

Or you can just delte the Ide Controller and it will do the same thing as it redetects on startup and reinstsalls it.