Buffer Level and other issues?


It’s my first post here so I thought it best to post in the newbies section and I’m not sure whether this is a problem with my burner, media or other hardware and I hope you good fellas can at least get me pointed in the right direction. :slight_smile:

My symptoms are that the buffer level on my BenQ 1655 repeatedly drops as low as 19% while burning in both Nero and CDSpeed and I find that I always get a large bump of PI errors at about the 1.5Gb mark with my TYG03 media. I burn at 12x usually, but still get this spate of PI errors at the same place on every disk I burn. I also find that my drive spins up and down in speed constantly during the burn process which is worrying and the burns can sometimes take as much as 7mins plus for a full disk at a supposed 12x burn speed. I’ve looked at literally thousands of screenies of other peoples burns here and can see none that exhibit the same behavior.

The hardware and settings are as follows:-
BenQ 1655 BCGB (DMA on)
Media - TYG03 DVD-R
Burn Speed - 12x
Solidburn - On
WOPC - Off (made no noticeable difference with it was on or off)

If someone can take a look at these scans and propose some kind of solution or at least diagnose what is actually happening here that would be cool.

This scan is typical of the results I’ve been getting with this batch of disks…

This burn was done on the workhorse rig in my sig and if there are any more details that you need to diagnose what is happening please let me know.

Thanks for your time & trouble fellas.


Congratulations on your 1st post, HermS :slight_smile: .

My first thought is that you may have some fake (or at least second grade) TYG03’s on your hands. Does the hub-code match that of genuine TY discs (search the blank media forum)? SolidBurn will be trying to improve the result, hence the speed changes and long burn time.