Buffer Jump

Hi, i’m experiencing a buffer jump issue with my Phillips SPD2410L1. Constantly through the burning process the buffer jumps around to different percents (ie. 17-25-83-99 and back).

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Assuming this is the read buffer then this is often caused by the source (HDD) being badly defragmented. Regular defragging is essential.

Also if the burner & HDD are on the same cable this could be a problem & finally check the DMA status of all the devices.

First thanks for the welcome, i was checking the HDD defragmentation last night and it says that it is not needed to defrag it. The HDD and the burner are on different cables :(, and DMA is on.

By DMA on , exactly what mode are both the HDD & burner running in?

Sorry about the late reply, I believe these are the settings you were asking for.

Sorry to barge in. Your HDD is on the primary channel and seems to be fine, but your burner is in PIO mode, which is pardon, crap. Check if the pin is set to master and also the IDE cable. 80 wire cable is recommended.

edit: the pin is on the back of ur drive, and I believe, benq-philips should show UDMA2 mode.

any help is wanted :), i just checked again, and my cables are set to master and so are the jumpers

no problem. are those cables 80 wires? not contacts, but actual physical wires?

Youve got me here, can you explain the difference?

There are always 40 contacts or so on any IDE cable commonly used. But sometimes older 40 wire cables are used by cheap manufacturers. new IDE cable has an extra shielding wire in between each data wire, thus making the total of them = 80.
some drives will only work properly with 80 wires, especially in case of cheap power suppl;y that causes interferences.
Higher DMA modes are also only possible or stable with 80w cables.

i see. im not sure, i am using the ones that came with my DFI mobo.


Those should be fine. Try switching it with the one on HDD and rebooting.

sorry, I gotta go. If that doesnt lead to anything check DMA settings in BIOS for that burner, and then in windows u can try reinstalling IDE channels through Device manager.

Thanks for the help you two, i changed the cables around and its working great :slight_smile:

Glad we couldn help! Post screenshots, eh?


I’ve got a motherboard where the Secondary channel won’t set up DMA properly for optical drives just like yours. Just as you’ve done I’ve switched connections & it works fine.


This one is a rebadged Liteon, so it should show UDMA4 with an 80wired IDE cable :slight_smile:


Cool, Imk just glad im not the only one :).

So all of the settings look good?

Looks good!

HDD in UDMA5 and your Philips SPD2410L1 (rebadged Lite-on SHM-165P6S) is in UDMA4.