Buffer issue

Hello. I’ve got asus drw1608p3s dvd-rw burner.
While burning media in Nero (latest version), the Used Read Buffer constantly keeps climbing up and down the bar. The lower buffer stays within the 95-98% area.
Is it normal? or should the Used Read Buffer stay in the 100% area aswell?
I have strong pc with 1gig ram, and while burning, i dont use any other program. Im still protected by warranty, therefore if there’s any clue of problem i can replace the burner.

Thank you

check your drives are not running in PIO mode, including your HDD.

for some unknown reason, i can’t find my drives in device manager.

You are actually going to check the IDE controller(s) in device manager. That’s where to check for DMA status. Have a look at this thread .

One reason for this behaviour of the read buffer is a badly fragmented HDD. Regular defragging is essential for good burning performance.

Another is the burner being on the same IDE channel/cable as the HDD.

My computer is brand new. including the HDD. eventhough, i have defragged it - just to be sure. The HDD isn’t connected on the same ide channel (the HDD is sata).
The burner is in DMA status.

I’m having the same problem as you, with that asus drw-1608p3s.
I have nero, 4gb free of 10gb in C: and i want to make a backup of files in partition d:
p4 2.8ht
mother msi 875pneo
hdd maxtor 120gb ide
ddr 3200 2x256mb ocz
winXP SP2 with all the updates

i haven’t defrag the hdd for 3 1/2 years but i have it in ntfs. do i need to defrag both partitions or the winxp partition only. A defrag of 100gb will take an eternity.
which is the best nero for XP? I tried nero 7.7 but it crash nero home and its too heavy, i want one stable without bugs
have you solve this problem checkpoint?

Regular defragging is essential regardless of the file system and with 3 drives at 250gb each it doesn’t really take so much time especially with defrag apps like PerfectDisk.

I don’t believe there’s any advantage in partitioning a drive like that. It adds an overhead to the system & slows it down. Others will obviously disagree.

Nero , or are the best options.