Buffer goes like a Yo-Yo


There is something strange with my BenQ 1620. When I burn a DVD in Nero or DVD Decrypter the buffer jumps up and down and the led flashes red and quite often green. I’ve tried Verbatim ± and Fujifilm + (Japan) and burned at 4x, 8x and 16x. Before I had a NEC 2500A and the buffer was max all the time. My computer specs. P4 3,0 Prescott with 1Gb Kingston ram.

/Dr. D

The led going red/green is normal. The WOPC does this. Do you have DMA- or PIO-mode? That yo-yo effect tells me your drive is in PIO-mode. Turn it to DMA-mode en test again.

my buffer is the same, it jumps from 85-99% all the way through the burn,

The burns are always ok

Same thing here, the drive’s buffer jumps from 85-99% for <12x and 75-99% for >12x. So this is normal since the drive only got 2mb buffer?

It’s in DMA mode. The NEC 2500A has the same sized buffer and when I burned at 4x or 8x the buffer always was at 96-99.

The bouncy buffer is normal behavior for packet writing, and that’s exactly what should happen. Most drive controllers are onboard and “soft” so that they do not hold an entirely steady connection. Most computers aren’t attentive to the drive controller 100% of the time. Packet writing (to the buffer) eliminates errors. This is a very good feature. You’re seeing the entire 2 mb ram listed on the meter. The 2 mb is not entirely a read buffer, and the 85% part is an important write stage (maybe I remembered this backwards?). This is normal operation. Drives that do not show this behavior, as mentioned above, are still doing exactly the same thing, but just reporting a fraction of their ram on-screen to give a better show. That’s why the percentages differ in this case. If, in fact, a drive showed a consistently full meter, then it could not have been writing (emptying)–so it is only the show that differs.
See http://www.cdspeed2000.com for a free upgrade to Nero’s CD-DVD speed utility.
Scan your output to see if it is healthy. Compare it to scans in this forum.

Here’s a scan of a dvd (not full).

Your scan (above). That’s fantastic!!!
Out of curiosity, what brand and chipset does your mainboard use?
What drivers, Chipset maker’s or Included-with-XP?
I want to collect this information from everybody who posts truly great quality scans to see if there’s any correlation.
Will post results in a new thread if there is a common theme.
Thank you!!!

My Specs are:

Shuttle XPC SB75G2 with the latest drivers on their page.
P4 3,0 Prescott
2x 512Mb Kingston PC3200 CL3
Radeon 9800 Pro 128Mb
BenQ 1620
160Gb Samsung PATA
Windows XP Pro SP2
DVD Decrypter
Nero 6

/Dr. D