Buffer goes down at 12x nec nd-4550

I have a problem with nec nd-4550 when burn dvd at 12x. When speed up to 12x , the ultrabuffer and buffer of nec goes down and the time of burn increase . I have Nero 7.0 and Motherboard Asus P4P800 Deluxe.

dpg, does the disc burn OK? I get a low buffer reading on 12X discs, but it still works fine. I assume the buffer indicator is moving up and down? Does it ever go below 7%? or hit 0%?

The harder the buffer works, the longer it takes, Sometimes it’s better to slow the burn down. I never worry about the time it takes to burn, so long as it’s not hours, and is successful, what’s the rush? :slight_smile:

the disc is burned ok, the buffer goes to 7% and up to 80% and dance.

the scan of dvd that the buffer went dancing .

Platinum dvd+r 8x burned at 12x

Does anyone else have an opinion on this, perhaps the Media is not as good as it could be. I use Datawrite Titanium “Full-Face Printable.” (16x) dpg, what speed is the Ricoh disc you are using. I see it was set at 5X.

I never really bother with the errors, just as long as I get a good backup copy.

Hi, I have the exact same issue. this happens also when burning at 8 speed. The Media I used is Verbatim MCC004. or Fuji Yuden002.

I also watch the performance monitor and saw that at the, moment the buffer drops there is a drop in CPU and waiting time for the HDD. So it looks like the NEC burner is waiting at that moment, or catching it’s breath.

Btw, My sony DVP-NS405 DVD player has issue playing these DVD’s. At certain moments it kicks the DVD several chapters backbards. This Issue never occured with My Liteon 811S

I have a P4 2,4GHZ 1GB ram wit Asus P4PE motherboard
NEC is installed as Master separate from the HDD cable ofcourse :wink:

Bad media, especially for the first 500mb.


why haven’t you just posted smaller shots than 1280x1024???

I have the exact same problem.

PC Hardware:
Athlon 64 3500+
Asus A8N5X
2 x Maxtor Maxline III 250GB Raid 0 (Sata)
NVidia drivers (including for IDE)

Used drives: NEC 2510 and 3550 (more then 1 bios)
Discs: Platinum (8 speed), Nashua (8 speed)

I had no problems on my Athlon XP using the 2510 (also RAID 0, same drives). Writing 4 speed is better (tested on Platinum Plus, number: K3-12CH1506074983D07).

I do also have an Asus mobo and I have the Platinum discs, BUT I burned more then 10 in a row (100% Ok) on my Athlon XP before I had this PC.

Does anyone have any idea?

(I will try the Microsoft IDE driver soon)

I forgot:

I am using Nero 7, the discs I burned for 100% Ok were with Nero 6.6.
Is this the problem?

Can I edit my own post?

I installed new (agian!!) Nvidia drivers version 6.70 from there own site.

I tried CloneDVD It works fine, the 1st disc on this PC to be burned Ok. It took 9 minutes and 30s.

I’m having the same problem guys and I don’t think it’s the NERO. I think it’s a conflict between drivers! I’ve got Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz 1GB and GYGABYTE Mainboard
I’ve got 2 burners. Plextor 760A and 712A
It’s the same on both. When I’m burning stuff from my IDE Hard drive it’s death slow!
When I brun from my SATA it’s better, but still not what’s supposed to be. I’m using Plextor Tool softwer just to test the speed and sometimes it simply falls down to 3.5x and it should be burning on 18x on Verbatims …
Any suggestions?

this maybe stupid, but, have you defrag your hdd before the burn?
because i get the same problem when a haven’t defrag me hdd for a long time.

Yes , this sounds like it to me as well.

If the read buffer fluctuates badly then it’s a problem getting data from the HD which can certainly be caused by bad defragmentation or by the HD not running in UDMA mode properly (modes 5 or 6). Or the burner sharing the same IDE channel as the HD from where the data is coming.
With SATA that’s obviously not a problem.

If it’s device buffer fluctuation I guess that’s a DMA issue on the burner or more likely poor quality media/firmware mismatch.

I solved my problems by breaking the Raid 0 on my Maxtor drives. I do not have any problems anymore. Raid 0 doesn’t seem possible with these MaxlineIII drives and NForce4. At least not for me.
The media seems to be Ok.