Buffer Fluxuations with Roxio 6

I have two burners, an external Memorex CD-RW 52X and a Plextor PX-712A. The plextor is on my secondary IDE channel alone as master. The Memorex is obviously on a USB2 cable.

I burned a 600 megabyte file on a Verbatim 16-24X CD-RW first on the Plextor and then I repeated the burn on the Memorex. Between burns I erased the disk using Plex Tools.

Here’s what happened. On the Plextor the buffer fluxuated wildly going from 100 percent all the way down to 1 percent. The Plextor did not make a coaster but it did most of the burning at the low end, about 16X.

I erased the disk and reburned the same file using the Memorex. On the Memorex it burned at 24X and the buffer never dropped below 100 percent.

I repeated this again with the same disk with both drives with the same results.

This is pretty disappointing. I expected the Plextor to do a better job than the Memorex drive.

Does anybody have any idea why this is happening?

I think that I answered my own question.

I checked some of the other postings on this board and read about buffer fluxuations resulting from the Secondary IDE channel being set at PIO mode, rather than UDMA.

I was absolutely convinced that my XP Pro Service Pack 1 Athlon 2600+ MSI KT3 Ultra system was set to UDMA on the Secondary IDE channel - until I checked. Darn it if the damned thing wasn’t set on PIO mode.

It was not particularly easy to get the damned thing to change over to UDMA from PIO. I would have been dead in the water clueless except that I followed the advice in several other posts on this board. I tweaked the BIOS settings as well as the registry. I rebooted and lo and behold the Secondary IDE channel was purring along at UDMA 2.

From there I re-burned the Verbatim CD-RW and all went quite smoothly. The buffer fluxuated between 100 percent and 98 percent - awesome. Plus the burn sizzled along at 24X without a hiccup.

Thanks to all who bring their knowledge and experience to this forum.

Bob Shem

It’s always good to hear that people solved a problem on their own simply by using the search function :wink: Welcome to the forum Bob Shem!