Buffer Drops to 7% While Burning with NEC 3540

A bit late poping back here----I do Defrag once a week…It’s Nero doing the 100%, it never did that before!–Could it be that the HDD is External!!
n I’m useing the NVIDIA Drivers!!!“NVIDIA nForce3n 250 Parallel ATA Controler”
Have always used these Drivers, even with the old NEC 2500A n it worked Great…So why give problems now!!
Why are Microsofts Drivers Better than NVIDIAs…
Perhaps i should stop asking stupid questions n just go over to Microsofts Drivers n see for meself…

yep! oh and just b\c your nvidia say dma doesn’t make it so. do a nero cd/dvd transfer rate and post the graph once for confirmation

Actually the buffer dropping will reduce the burning speed.
Please try to upgrade the firmware.