Buffer drop on 8801 DVD burner




I have crossflashhed my DVD8801 to benq DW1650 BCIC

When I recording DVD the buffer level drops to 20-30% and goes back to 90-95%. During the level drop sometimes I hear that the recorder stops writing, search for the track(1-2 seconds) and continues writing.

I’m using winXPsp2 and tryed nero and nero

hdd seagate120GB, active mode udma5
dvdrw DW1650, active mode udma2

I started nero info tool and I saw that “system ASPI” is not installed(only “nero aspi” is installed) and have downloaded ASPI library(4.70) from Adaptec and installed it, but the things goes bad - the buffer level falls more frequently and when goes back to higher level stay around 80%(not 90%). Is there any connection between them or this is just coincidence.


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For BenQ/Philips drives (and also many other) that pausing is normal.
It is WOPC/WOPC-II working. Drive makes a relink, reads how the burn progress when you see buffer drop.

Burn a data disc in Nero CD/DVD Speed and you’ll be able to see this all.


this answer was helpful for me too :)… i was thinking that it was bufferunderruns occouring all the time with this new liteon dw1650 i got.

one other question though… is it possible to avoid this behaviour by disabling WOPC with the WOPC tool?


Would you be so kind to tell me how can I crossflash my DVD8801 to Benq DW1650. I have just bought LiteOn DVD8801 drive and I’m new to that kind of modding.
I have already crossflashed my NEC3550A->NEC4551A.
I need some short manual and soft for doing such crossflash.
Thank you in advance.


Search is a great function at our forum… :slight_smile:
Also adding some tools for you that can come useful. :smiley: