Buffer and device buffer

Where I am at we had a bad storm yesterday and computer went out for a while and it took a while to get it back up and running and now I am having issues with burnning movies.
When using Dvd Decryptor for some reason my buffer keeps dropping all the way down and my device buffer keeps dropping down and going back up over and over.

I have used differnt type of media from TYG01, Ritek R02-03, and CMC-MAG-AE1.

The burner I am speaking of is a pioneer 108 just flashed to Pioneer DVR-108 v1.18 RPC-1 + 12xRip + nx4all.

Does anyone have any clue what is going on here. I am really lost :confused: .

Xp Pro Sp2
2.8 P4/HT with 1gb pc3200

p.s. The movies burn sucessfully and work fine but I have never had this issue with the buffer doing this

Thanks for any help

Have you checked to see if your still set to DMA?

Or that Windows isn’t spending all its free time writing some GI-FRIGGIN-NORMOUS log file of the crash?

Just checked evrything is still set to DMA.

How would I know where it is doing this and how to change it.

Something I am doing right now is running a chkdsk on the d: . I have already done it on the c:(OS). The c: is a 160gb WD ide and the d: is a 200gb Maxtor sata. Not for sure if this will help but im trying it. Also defrag but I know that aint the issue cause I defrag all the time

So i have been trying to find out what is going on here and I have figured out that it is something to do with D: I have tried to burn from the C: and every thing is great but it all goes to crap when I try to burn from the D:

Any ideas or any help…Since last post I have moved all files from the D: to the C: and reformated the drive and that didnt work