Buffalo writer BRXL-PT6U2VB MediaStation Blu-Ray XL QL 128GB support?


Hi there, I have this writer (in title) for now I use Blu-Ray XL RE discs from Sony Japan, TL (Tri-Layer) 100GB (5-10 packs) 500GB-1TB bundles.

Now I saw Sony launched and started to distribute Blu-Ray QL 128GB discs.

This writer from Buffalo ‘officially’ supports BluRay XL QL, as we can check at official page.

I use this for Cold Storage on my laptop, it is slim writer, I am happy with it.

I didn’t found a thread for this specific writer so I created this one.

If anyone has more info on confirmed-Compatibility let us know :wink: in addition to Compatibility suggestions for burning Software and speed 4x or faster?

Any firmware update is required?

Buffalo support platform seems scary and awful (no offense Buffalo-Tech) :D, so I prefer to ask here.



Look there: http://d.buffalo.jp/BRXL-PT6U2V/

Their specs even say BD-RE XL write support for QL/128GB even tho such media doesnt exist…

  • Yeah, that is why I have my doubts, maybe ‘media’’ was not available (delayed schedule) but specs for writers with QL support yes, or at least it has sense, but still seems suspicious so I am asking.

  • Blu-ray XL / QL including RE specs are with us since years, I remember I bought this writer for ‘allegedly’ future QL support, for years we read about QL, ODA etc

  • Currently this writer has support for XL TL (100GB), I use Verbatim, including M-Disc & Sony TL mostly (including BD-XL TL RE) regarding to Software to burn BluRay XL TL DL SL discs, I use ImgBurn, Nero Burning Suite, and Cyberlink Power2Go, a combination of these.

If anyone has more information let us know, I don’t find clear concise info in this particular writer, from users reports and perspective.

If not, maybe I will buy soon, a first 5-disc QL batch for testing, posting my results.

Here is a snapshot from the official .PDF specifications from Buffalo-Technology (February-2016)

  • BD-R XL TL/QL 4x Read/Write as you can see in official specifications

  • But I didn’t test that myself yet, and topic is recent (128GB discs)…


Buffalo 5.25" external enclosures were equipped with Pioneer made drives - I guess the same goes for the slim drives. Unfortunately at the moment there is no consumer grade Pioneer drive with firmware support for QL media burning.


The earliest Buffalo slim BD drives were rebadged Optiarc models.
When Optiarc went under, they seem to have moved to LG for more recent models.


Anyway… we have to wait for an official firmware from LG or Pioneer depending on which drive Buffalo decided to rebadge. I don’t believe that Buffalo has engineering team that independently can write/update the firmware to support QL media.


Thank you for your replies, as this is a model from 2015-2016 with alleged XL /QL support I hope firmware update is coming or possible.

Any table for ‘rebranded’ Buffalo writers and equivalent names? , just as info.

If no firmware update I am sure this will be my last Buffalo product… LOL


Exaclty for what?

BD-R XL up to 3 layers work and BD-RE XL up to 3 layers work too.

Your drive is from mid 2015 and you argue about updates for the latest introduced tech… :sleeping: