Buffalo/Pioneer 110 Firmware Version 8.39 Released

Forgive me if this has already been posted, but I just want to report (if it already hasn’t) that Buffalo has released firmware version 8.39 for the OEM Pioneer DVR 110 drive. Hope an RPC1 version with fast rip is not far behind.


got one for the external?

Not only this one, there are more:


Yup, they basically released 8.39 for most of their Pioneer 110 models. However, figuring out which model is which can be a bit of a pain. I think this is the right one for the external version of the 110 :


Great find! I was anxiously awaiting this release but have since got myself a 111 and no longer care! lol! Thanks though!

Is the firmware in the first post for the unit with DVD-RAM support or not? I’m looking for 8.39 with DVD-RAM support. I have no use for region free or rip lock, just interested in RAM and Bitsetting for all +R media support. Thanks.

It should be. That link was for Buffalo’s equivalent of the 110. There is a separate link for their equivalent of the 110D (no DVD-RAM write) model.

Try this:

Thank you :cool:

dvsmxh516fb (internal + ram)
dvsmxh516u2 (external + ram)
dvmrxh16fb (internal , no ram)
dvmrxh16u2 (external, no ram)

I loaded dvsmxh516fb, it seems to be fine. Burned a G05 and the quality seems to have increased, but this batch of G05 varies from excellent to good.

Thanks, makes things easier now.

I don’t want to upset anyone by posting a question that I should be able to figure out for myself, but that Japanese (?) is killing me.

I’m looking for bitsetting for a 110D. I suppose I don’t care if I cross flash to a 110, but is there any drawback to that?

Anyway, which is which?

dvmrxh16fb (internal , no ram)

Pioneer 110D has been flashed successfully by [I]dvmrxh16fb[/I]. No problems with operation and burning. Several recorded DVD+Rs are seen as DVD-ROMs on -110D and -105D (another PC). However they all are still detected as DVD+Rs on -107D (another PC). DVDInfoPro v4.50, and Nero CD-DVD Speed programs are used. OS are WinXP. [B]I would not believe that Book type is drive-dependent[/B] but I do see the reports…

Chef, you are the man, thanks.

I cannot, however, get it to work. It gives me a message that says “Hardware revision is not matched.”

I currently have the 8.37 modified by DBs. How can I update to the new Buffalo?

The drive is a 110D, but I think the last flash cross flashed it to a 110.

Please post the exact commandline you have used and the output DVRFlash 2.2 has made.

It’s not really the drive but some software & drivers interfering such info.

chef never cross flashed a drive, all I need is the dvmrxh16fb.exe file for the 110d or do I need a special flasher to do the job ?

tia wrench

You can unpackage the file by running a couple of files, and then going to the directory where it unpacked itself. Here you will find the kernel and normal firmware files. You can use DVRFlash to cross flash these firmwares on to a regular Pioneer drive.

Alternatively you can download the RPC1 patched versions in a convenient windows flasher here. http://tdb.rpc1.org/#DVR110 or http://tdb.rpc1.org/#DVR110D

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