Buffalo OEM FW Version 8.40 for DVR-109

******** Copyright© 2000 Pioneer Corporation ********
This is microcode file.
Revision Level : 8.40
Hardware Version : ATA 0009
Kernel Version : OEM_INT
Destination : OEM_INT
File Type : Kernel
Generated Date : 05/03/14
Kernel Version2 : 0003


Well spotted !

Seems to contain the kernel as well as the normal file.
Guess this means that the standard 109 can now be converted to Buffalo drive using initial_d’s DVRUpdate program ! I think the Buffalo fw allows bitsetting etc. :iagree:

This is what the README says (translated by Google from Japanese into English) :

< Software introduction > The DVM-RDM16FB (pioneer make DVR-109 drive) we offer the program software which updates the firmware to the Ver.8.40. By this program, like below improvement of efficiency is measured. When updating inconvenience in regard to use and, the firmware, in order to avoid trouble, please read the explanation below well execute this program.

< Modification past record >
Contents of update to of firmware version 8.40

8.17 -> 8.40

  • DVD-R DL (2 layer) correspondence
    (6x writing: The Mitsubishi chemical make DVD-R DL 4x media)
  • this ファ - with the ムウェア ディスクアットワンス system (the system which cannot be appended) we correspond to only entry. Multiple session system and LayerJump Recording system (postscript possible system) we do not correspond to entry.
  • Corresponding software
  • SONIC RecordNow
  • SONIC MycDvd (first third of April of 2005 correspondence schedule. It is necessary to download the update module of the software from the sight of the SONIC corporation.)
  • DVD-R/RW light/write quality improvement
  • DVD+R/RW light/write quality improvement

8.05 -> 8.17

  • DVD-R16 time fast corresponding new disk support (16x writing: Mitsubishi chemical make media / the Hitachi マクセル make media)
  • DVD+R16 time stenography record corresponding new disk support (16x writing: Mitsubishi chemical make media / the Hitachi マクセル make media improvement of)
  • DVD-R/RW light/write quality improvement * DVD+R/RW light/write quality improvement
  • CD-R/RW light/write quality < Note > DVM-RDM16FB exclusive use (the ATAPI built-in model) it is the program software which is updated. As for update of the firmware, please go on customer himself responsibility. The failure of firmware update with cause compensatory correspondence solved concerning the request for repair, it does.
  • When it updates in firmware version 8.40, it becomes not be able to modify in version of the time before. < Procedure of update > It downloaded, the DVMRDM16fB_FW840.exe has become the self-extracting file. Double please click the idea contest of the DVMRDM16fB_FW840.exe. The folder which recorded the file which shows update program and operating procedure [ the DVMRDM16FB_FW ] is developed. The folder which is developed [ double please click [ the idea contest of the DVMRDM16fB_update.html ] in the DVMRDM16FB_FW ] ]. Following to the update procedure which is stated, please be sure to do update on the Windows.

I think maybe they have added the DVD-R 6x support ???

my pioneer 109 firm 1.17 has dual layer 6x support.
i bought a brand new pioneer and it came with that firmware and a paper inside telling that the dual layer speed before was 4x and now its 6x

Buffalo OEM FW Version 8.40 for DVR-109 will riplock the 109. avoid it if you have flashed 109 to AO9

Hi! Could you please elaborate on this? Thanks!

Well, He simply mean that The unit will be locked again to 2x, Since that it’s the only reason to flash to a09 it’s something you may not want to do! :cop:

Humm :eek: :iagree: :bigsmile: Cross Flashed and NO FLUCTUATION in the buffer anymore, Thanks for pointing this out, The PIO is now Behaving 100% normally, I am curious to hear if it help for the xbox’er :bow:

As for the riplock I did not test it yet, but I have a reader so …

I still wonder if it’s because they are turning the WOPC off or if they fixed it, I guess a new firmware should be out soon from PIO, and my guess is that it will have a kernel too…

Oh, and the disk burned about 15sec faster… guess it’s the time it was loosing before.

Just out of curiosity, what does it set Region to?

  • guessing its Region 2, since its marketed in Japan.
  • Region 2 = Japan, Europe, South Africa, and Middle East (including Egypt)

Still region 1, no change in the counter, still RPCII

Thanks for the info!

Oh, I thought this Buffalo firmware will also rip-unlock a stock DVR-109 and going through the 109 to A09 is no longer necessary…

So it’s a choice between the two then… rip-unlock and quiet drive (A09) as against bitsetting which the buffalo (apparently) does…

Thanks! :cop:

I use my 109 in a firewire external enclosure and had serious reading problems with DVDR media. DVD-ROM was OK.
Now this 8.40 FW helps a lot, but still not perfect. Up to 9X average speed, so I can live with it, my BenQ and NEC will rip up to 16X.

No apparently about it mate. The Buffalo does auto-bitsetting of DVD+R disks to DVD-Rom !
It has been tested and proven.

Personally rip-unlock does not appeal to me as I use DVD-ROM drive for ripping…

I say we share the same choice… The bit-setting is more important to me than the rip-unlock feature… Besides I can always get a cheapo Liteon DVD drive to do all the ripping for me :slight_smile:

So, am I correct to say that it’s possible to flash from a stock DVR-109 firmware to the buffalo firmware based on the posts above… I just have to find for myself then LOLZ!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

the buffalo FW auto-bitsets single layer AND double layer, or just double layer dvds ?

both :smiley:

btw, in case you’ve forgotten, “orig” Pioneer firmwares support bitsetting to DVD-ROM of dual-layer disks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick testing reveals the firmware has auto bitsetting for +R and +R DL. It also fixes the -R reading problem on Lite-On and perhaps other drives. This firmware is rip locked, as one would expect, since this is not an XL firmware. This firmware may bitset +RW but I will have to test that.

Edit My testing show’s it does not bitset +RW.

Thanks for confirming worker! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

ok, cool. as i only use -r anyway, i’ll be staying with the xl firmware for now