Buffalo DVR-108 USB upgradable?



Hi all, I’m a newbie in the DVD Burning World.
I got this 108 not a long time ago, a friend of mine brought it from Japan to me.
Anyways, I was thinking if there is a possibility of changing the internal drive in the future, as an upgrade, cause I can’t find a way to open the case that doesn’t feel like is going to brake.



Any USB and/or Firewire enclosure is open-able to access the standard ATA drive that will install internally. Most of the time, you’ll find the enclosure is simply snapped together. Look for flexible trim that may be covering the clips holding it together…

USB2 is fine for burning DVD’s, but don’t waste you time if you only have USB 1.1. It’s just not fast enough to be practical. Firewire 400 and 800 are plenty fast enough.