Buffalo BR-816FBS (MATSHITA SW-5584)



SONY-NN3-002 @6x


Verbatim 2x BD-RE
VERBATIM0(000) @2x


Thanks for the scans [B]2601[/B]. :wink:

The quality scans on DH401S don’t look good but ScanDisc are fine.

I would like to see TRT on some BD-ROM DL (close to 50GB) and BD-R DL media please, if possible. Thanks again!



TRT scans is here.


HP +R 16x
CMC MAG M01 @16x


Verbatim -R 16x
TYG03 @16x


Verbatim +R 8x
YUDEN000T02 @6x


TDK -R 8x



TRT scans is here.[/quote]
Thanks 2601.

27 mins reading full BD is quite impressive given the latest LG reads in 45 mins.


Verbatim +R 8x
MCC003 @8x


BenQ +R 16x


Thanks for all the scans 2601 :slight_smile:


For those who owns it, is there a photo of the top of the drive, where it shows the Laser Class product? I want to see what country make this drive?

Also, is it writing at 8X thru the entire 0 to 50 GB range, or is it slowly moving up to 8X say 1/2 way like the Sony.

As well, does it set BookType of DVD+R , DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM?


Verbatim +R 16x
MCC004 @16x



I have a questions.

Is it possible to flash on a drive from europe the jap. firmware without changing the regional code?


European ver. of BR-816FBS running fine with firmware 1.02 from Japan. Regional code set corectly.


Maxell -R 16x
ProdiscF02 @16x


SONY 8x -R
SONY08D1 @8x


Fujifilm +R 16x



where can I get the newest firmware for the BR-816 (external)? Can’t find it on the Buffalo homepage.

Another question: I would like to burn BD-R DLs with 1x Speed (for quality reasons) with Toast 9. But obviously only 2x is possible. Am I doing something wrong?