Buffalo Announces Pioneer DVR-111D Based Drive

The specs are very similar to the DVR-110D.

DVD Writing Speeds:
DVD+R: 16x
DVD+RW: 8x
DVD+R DL: 8x
DVD-R: 16x
DVD-RW: 6x
DVD-R DL: 8x
CD-R: 40x
CD-RW: 32x

Read Speeds:
DVD-ROM (Single Layer): 16x Max
DVD-ROM (Dual Layer): 12x Max
DVD±R: 12x Max
DVD±RW: 8x Max
DVD±R DL: 8x Max
DVD-Video: 5x Max
CD-ROM: 40x Max


Probably the DVR-111D if you ask me…

Now I read the title of your post, hehe. Yeah, 111 based.

So what the heck is different about it? Looks identical let alone very similar.

You will see/know it soon. :wink:

Chef, do you know something I don’t or are you just just making a general statement cause those specs are identical making a new drive redundant with those specs.

It would be great if it was in fact a 110 inside that 111, then all of us 110 users will have more fw support :slight_smile: . I doubt it, just wishful thinking.

Remember that faster does not mean better, so a better chipset, pickup head and so on will make a better drive.

but it isnt faster is it? The specs are identical. I think the 111 is just the 110 without any possibility of a firmware flash to enable DVD-RAM writing.

Could be. Honestly, the specs are similar, nothing less, nothing more.
“Redundant” is a harsh word in this combination, I personally wouldn’t use it in that case. :bigsmile:

Well to me with identical specs the drive has nothing new to offer. I see no point in releasing all new hardware with a new database entry for a new model with the exact specs of their previous model. I am sure anything they are going to obtain on the 111 could be done on the 110 with a firmware update. Sounds like a cash grab to me and at the same time eliminate any chance of us getting DVD-RAM back unless we own nothing but the 110.


would these eliminate the chance of crossflashing?

Thanks for the link pointing out that there is a difference. 5X RAM reading is one of the reasons I chose LG over Pioneer a year ago. Too bad Pioneer has moved on to a new drive without even shipping the 110 to the US. Looks like they have given up on RAM for us.

perhaps the current chipset is capable of 5x ram reading it is just limited via the firmware at the moment.

Its the 110D thats limited to 2x RAM reading. the 110 reads RAM at 5x!

“Finally, the DVR-111 still remains at a 5X speed for read / write with DVD-RAM which is the same as the DVR-110.”