Buffalo 500Gb SATA external drive sale 120.00 at Fry's

Ok all you CD/HD freaks. Fry’s has the Buffalo 500Gb SATA external on sale 120 bucks plus free shipping:


Its almost too tempting. If I hadn’t bought that WD 400Gb on sale last week at Staples, I’d be on it. I want to cross the TB threshold.

Anybody know what the drive inside is?

The one problem I see with Buffalo external drives is they only carry a [U][B]One (1) [/B][/U] year
warranty on them not like Seagate which has a 5 year warranty on most all of their
external drives and Western Digital has 3 years on a select few of their external drives.
If the price for the Buffalo 500GB drive was some where in the $59 - $79 range then I
might give it a try and take a chance on the 1 year warranty on it. :frowning:

Mine has a WD Caviar SATA 500 GB 16 M cache (WD 50 00AAKS-00TMA0) inside. Very good value for $120 IMHO

They have these two drive (SATA & PATA) on sale today for this price.

welp if you have an old computer and do not have eSATA and not thinking of upgrading anytime, then get this drive. But if you have eSATA port or thinking of upgrading your board/cpu, then I suggest to get eSATA drive, it is as fast as internal SATA drive in the external environment. Even Santa Rosa Laptop has eSATA port