Budget PS3 & Xbox 360 HD DVD accessory run into ICT issues

I just posted the article Budget PS3 & Xbox 360 HD DVD accessory run into ICT issues.

 As  standalone Blu-ray disc players are expected to retail at around US$1,000, there  is a good chance many consumers are going to wait until the launch of the PS3 to  get their hands on one of...
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were talking about 3 years+ down the road though. I mean hdcp standard tv’s wont become standard overnight or within a year or two. It has taken them 5 years to finally come into the hd age now they know it can’t be forced for people to pay another 2 grand for another tv. So by the time blu ray or hd-dvd get flagged you should be assured those players will be hella cheap.

ANy1 in the industry (predorminantly AV) except microsoft is not really happy with the invasion of the PC into the home AV market. :wink: take care. :wink:

One of 2 outcomes will happen, No studios will implement the ICT due to the high amount of $500 PS3 owners, or $500 PS3 owners sue Sony and the studios would release movies utilizing ICT.

Anyone else having trouble caring at this point?

I’ve only heard studio that they are not gonna use ICT for now. Any studio that stated they WILL use it right away?

Well you are all forgetting something, by that TIME, there will probably be some kind of Xbox 360 device (Third party or something) that will allow you to pump out the Xbox 360 games etc. If it is HDCP, HDMI or whatever. It might set you back some money. In the same way you can “upscale” and other things with standard DVD movies for hdtv and so on.

This is good. The more average people that get hit by the ICT, the better. We need people to realize that while the studios profess DRM is required to combat piracy, the real losers are legitimate consumers.
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