Budget intel mobo?

The last time I bought a budget mobo was Gigabyte P35-DS3L based on many recommendation from people here. It works fine and rock solid until now, can do some overclocking too.

I have the following so far

  • OCZ 500W PSU
  • 2GB OCZ DDR2-800
  • EVGA 8600GT

Total $62 for above, deals at newegg.

I have a Pentium D Dual Core lying around so the new budget mobo must be compatible with Pentium D up to C2Q if possible. Will upgrade later in a few months to C2D/C2Q and Sata hdd but for now I want to use Pentium D. Please recommend me one with same performance and budget as P35-DS3L. thanks!

Very good and solid board

For a budget board I would go with an open box model. Too bad the new gigabyte P45 boards don’t seem to support pentium D (according to cpu support list). The new asus P45 boards do, however.

You can probably scrap the Intel board (which is more solid) for the simple reason that you probably have some fancy (crap) RAM by OCZ which doesn’t run at 1.8V unless you’re lucky.
The only memories by OCZ that would work would be the following:

[QUOTE=eric93se;2147232]For a budget board I would go with an open box model.[/QUOTE]

Good advice here. I have purchased numerous Open Box motherboards from Newegg and never had a problem with them. Just don’t expect everything to be included like an I/O shield, cables etc. Drivers can be downloaded so all you REALLY need is the board itself anyway.

Thanks for the recommendations.

I want to get a retail mobo to make sure all accessories included since I’m not sure if I have compatible back plate and I need the pins to fit the mobo to my case and maybe I need their cables.

This is the OZC RAM ordered last night, a combo with video card

The RAM is OCZ Series SLI-Ready Model OCZ2N800SR2GK

Will it work with P5Q Pro? I found P5Q Pro $99 at zipzoomfly but out of stock. :frowning: My budget is $100 or less for the mobo as I bought the DS3L for $87 at mwave last year. Is there any Gigabyte mobo that is comparable to P5Q Pro, I think Gigabyte is cheaper?

I always use Asus Mobo but Gigabyte gains my trust after using P35-DS3L.

They run at 2.1V which is non stock which is just what I suspected…
You’re better off with a Gigabyte DS3R motherboard in that price range

I’ve already checked some gigabyte boards (as I said earlier) they do not support pentium D processors!

The Asus does, and I would go for the pro at zipzoomfly, just keep checking daily and I’m sure you’ll get it! Make it your homepage lol.

This chart from Gigabyte also clarify that Pentium D is not supported in DS3L.

Gigabyte mobo that supports Pentium D:

GA-EP31-DS3L(rev. 2.0)
GA-P31-ES3G(rev. 1.x)
GA-EG31MF-S2(rev. 2.0)
GA-EG31M-S2(rev. 2.0)
GA-G31M-ES2L(rev. 1.x)
GA-X48-DS4(rev. 1.3)
GA-EG31MF-S2(rev. 1.1)
GA-EG31M-S2(rev. 1.0)
GA-EG31MF-S2(rev. 1.0)

I really want P45-DS3L as it is within my price range (<$100). Oh well…

Is there any other mobo comparable to P5Q Pro that is <$100 and RETAIL?

The Pentium-D requirement is very limiting.
Why not sell the Pentium-D and go for something like this (or similar), so you can get into a mobo that you really want:
E5200 Wolfdale

That sounds like a great idea :iagree:

That pentium D is a space heater.

So I have two options

  • buy Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L and a new processor, or
  • buy Asus P5Q Pro and use my Pentium D

But does P5Q Pro compatible with OCZ RAM 2.1 V? There must be manual setting in the BIOS to adjust the voltage should it? Dizzy said (post #7) for the OCZ RAM I would be better off with the Gigabyte mobo…

Dizzy means well, but he’s living in 2004/5 back when there were some issues with MB/ram compatability. All new stuff is pretty much compatible, I would say 98%. If two sticks of ram don’t boot then using one stick usually gets the system up, with the opportunity to flash the MB bios, then all is good.

Moral of the story: both MB’s will support your ram :cool:

I haven’t dug into it lately, but Intel likes to adhere rigidly to JEDEC specs.
Which means DDR2 @ 1.8V (only)
Gigabyte and Asus should allow for out of spec, “high performace” memory that needs more voltage.

It is nice, however, to find cool running memory that is fast and will run low latencies at 1.8V like this:
Although Gigabyte likes to space their dimm slots closely, this memory will fit.
Also, Gigabyte boards tend to love Mushkin memory.

You a lot motherboards made by MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, Tyan, Supermicro etc that only runs at 1.8V

Very good and solid board

Absolutely. As always with boards by intel, the 3 Series is no exception and very good boards. What’s interesting is that the boards by intel still only have solid capacitors at the more critical positions (although they “invented” the use of solid caps on motherboards afaik), but over at the badcaps forum you always hear that there never is any problem with the non-solids on intel boards.