Budget for cd production

Hi I’m supose to make a budget as if I was really going to hire/buy them. What are the things you would need to budget on for a making a interactive cd-rom (interactive as in website on a cd with extra effects). Software & Computer is not counted cause it is supplied already. I’m guessing Authoring, Printing & Delivery would need to be budget so anyone can give me more things that need to be budget?

Blank CD’s or DVD’s


If any of the content is under any way copyrighted, you’ll need to allow for licensing.

Cases & Boxes.

Would hurt for at a least a few burners & license for multi-cdr capable software.

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  1. licensing for all content (to get rights to whatever you want to put on there)

2.) licensing for whatever copy protection you want on your disc…if you want it proteted. companies don’t give away their protection schemes for free (and if they do they probably don’t work) Then again, this forum is about making ALL copy protection schemes not work so this might be a useless step :wink:

  1. designers/programmers (to create the content with the material you’ve gotten the rights for, make it look pretty, and make it work correctly)

  2. production (having masters made up, checking them then paying for copies to be made. in this step you don’t buy “blank discs.” any reputable production house will not BURN, they PRESS. the cost of discs are factored into “production costs.” This also eliminates “duplication” budgeting since they will press however many you want and you don’t need someone sitting there with a duplication tower)

  3. distribution to get the product to the masses and into best buys across the country :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. marketing/ad campaigns (to make people want to buy the product)

how specific do you need to be? there’s also personnel involced…art directors, graphic designers, producers, techs, test marketing, etc., etc.

*note, i’ve never produced a cd-rom before. My experience is with records and CDs, but I adapted a lot of the process to what I assume someone producing interactive contentmight need…

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