Budget DVD Writer


I need a DVD Writer for casual use. Price (aorund 50$ or less). I found LiteOn LH-20A1P but some reviews say reliability is poor :confused: . Please give your feeback!

My LiteOns have always been pretty reliable, although I like LG for reliability too, so you may want to look into those as well.

Pioneer make solid drives also. Just some ideas. :slight_smile:

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guys with LH-20A1P… give ur feedback

Don’t expect racing speed like you would think but it burns ok.

If you are talking about $50 US, then you pretty much have your pick of almost any drive, except for maybe Plextor. Aside from the new Blu-Ray or HD-DVD drives, all of the drives are pretty much under $50. I too am planning on buying another DVD Burner. Currently I am looking into the LiteOn LH-20A1P as you are, and the Pioneer DVR-112D. Going to their respective forums and looking at the burn quality images, it seems like they are both very good. The Pioneer doesn’t let you scan your DVDs for quality, but the LiteOn does. However, it seems the Pioneer has better scan results for quality burns. Both are around $40 including shipping at various online retailers. Anyone else care to comment on these two drives?


I briefly for a week had a LH-20A1P but it failed on so many burns & would only come back to life after a reboot so I had to return it.

I wonder if that is a problem in general or just one bad drive. Did you get another one, or did you opt for some other brand? How is the new one doing? Thanks.


I’m currently putting an LH-20A1H through its paces, and so far no failed burns on different classes of media from Prodisc and Ritek to Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim.


Have you used LS then tried to burn a disc? If so did it revert to 6X burning only until a reboot? I’ve seen a lot of posts on that here.

Well I’ve got 2 Benq 1650s, a Pio 111L & a Liteon 1635S.

The Pio was giving me problems with DVD-RAM writing so I thought I’d try the LH-20 for that. After I returned that I got a Samsung SH182M, primarily for it’s DVD-RAM capabiity.

Overall I prefer the Benq 1650 but they’re hard to find now. The Pio 111D would be a safe option but it can’t quality scan.

I’ve heard the same thing, and haven’t tried it yet…be interesting to find out :wink:

Rite guys… how about giving your top 3 pref on under $50 Burner?

Depends on what you want out of a drive. Fast speed,ability to perform quality scans, SATA or IDE, etc…

Top three…

My choice would be the Pioneer 111D, LG H42N and Samsung SH-S182M IMHO.

But, I also use the Lite-On 20A1H for a scanner and the Pioneer 112D for DL discs.

liteon 18a1/20a1 series - excellent scanner; reads borderline discs quite well; good burner; liteon provides firmware updates for quite a long time (at least in the past they did, don’t really see anything that would change that); has some firmware bugs though (I hope some issues I’ve had are f/w related and not h/w related)

pioneer 111 good burner; many crossflashing options

LG h42n good burner

if you can find a benq 165x they are pretty good burners; featureful scanners but not necessarily the most accurate;

I got my 760a for ~ 50 after coupons and rebates; if you can find a similar deal that’s another good choice. good burner; good reader; excellent (albeit slow as heck) scanner.

note that choice of media is probably more important than choice of burner. sticking w/ TY and Verbatim means you can choose just about any burner.

At that price point (<$50), http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.asp?Order=PRICED&Page=1&Category=10&N=2010100005+4025+1036506653&Submit=ENE&Nty=1&Subcategory=5 Newegg has several dozen to choose from…

Hi guys

My priorities wud be

  1. Scanning (exp. cheap/scratched media)
  2. Reliable burning

Is there any major adv in going SATA over IDE? Thanks guys…