Budget Desktop Build?

Hi there

I’ve built a few PC systems in the past, but am a bit out of touch with current technology and was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction with regards to putting together a budget desktop box for faster encoding/transcoding than my current (very!) old system can provide.

I’m still up with the hard drive and RAM situation, but I’m a bit lost when it comes to CPU/Mobo’s and the PSUs that they need; any help would be appreciated.

I’ll be running the box on XP Pro and using it via remote desktop connection, so it only needs a basic or built in graphics card and no monitor etc.



Hi, So how much are you looking to spend, and which actual programs do you plan on running when your encoding/transcoding?

I’m hoping to spend as little as possible and will be running DVD Flick and FAVC (using HC)… basically I’m looking for the fastest number crunching for the least amount of bucks.



Instead of starting a new topic, I’m just going to reply… My question is basically the same, only I’m looking to spend up to $800 all together and want a top of the line system built for gaming and multimedia (storing and playing movies, etc).

Any help if appreciated.

Whatever you do, really try to go dual/quad core. I built mine about a year ago and now I read books in between processes whenever I have to work on a single core. Plus they have really come down in price. I’m an Intel guy (please hold the rotten tomatoes…) but AMD is the cost effective answer and I know lots of people that swear by them.

[QUOTE=zanev;2144283]Instead of starting a new topic, I’m just going to reply… My question is basically the same, only I’m looking to spend up to $800 all together and want a top of the line system built for gaming and multimedia (storing and playing movies, etc).

Any help if appreciated.[/QUOTE]

I have a feeling your in the US, so you might want to start a new thread, we’ll be glad to help. Midders is in the UK so we’re limited to whats available over their in online stores.

Okay Middlers, check this out.

Dabs seems to have some good prices.

Gigabyte AM2 AMD RS740 DDR2 MATX Audio Lan VGA
Kingston ValueRAM 2x1GB 240-Pin DIMM PC2-6400 Non-ECC CAS5 Dizzy would be proud of me :sad:
Antec 380W ATX EARTHWATTS PSU, now if you want a new case for your system, then I suggest getting this case with psu combo

Above is $147 pounds inc vat, it says delivery is $3.50 (hard to believe though). (doesn’t included case combo).

If you want a new HDD (reccomended), the Western Digital 640GB Caviar 7200RPM 16MB SATA is highly recomended.

The ram suggested is DDR2-800, you system wants to run at ddr2-667, so in your bios simply set the speed of the ram to ddr2-667 (you should do this). By using ddr2-800 memory you will have ram capable of overclocking your cpu ready to go, you don’t have to ofcourse, the memory will be happy to run at 667 speed.

If you want everything all in one…

http://www.ginger6.co.uk/asus-p2m3a3200-sktam2-p-31546.html (Newer chipset, includes Mobo, Case and PSU)
http://www.ginger6.co.uk/adata-ddr2-cl50-chip-p-29133.html (Samsung memory)

If you want bare components, at least go for Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H which is way better in all ways (13£ more expensive). Also, go with a single 2Gb stick instead… especially since you probably want to upgrade in the future.

I’m too sure if I trust cheap Antec PSUs, I’d rather go with FSP (Forton Source) if you want a cheap PSU.

Since he said he wanted it to be as inexpenxive as possible and that its going to be a headless horseman, I figured the savings on the 740G were worth it, it can still do HD I believe as well.

Thanks for all the input, guys; I’ve got an old full-tower case that I should be able to re-use, I might even be able to get away with using the existing PSU, I’ll have to check what power output it is capable of.



This is the second generation of the board that DizZy posted :
This board saves buying a video card, so why not reach a little higher on the shelf ?

Improved NB heatsink
Better voltage regulation
128MB DDR3 SidePort memory
One of these arrived on my front porch yesterday, spousally undetected ! :slight_smile:

In regards to GA-MA78GM-S2H try to get [B]rev. 1.1[/B] or later

On Antec’s and FSP’s, I trust 'em equally and the cheaper the better :iagree:

Looking through all those components has given me the bug again :slight_smile:

I think I’m going to have to sell the car and start saving for a Phenom quad core and at least two HDDs (or maybe 4 in two raid 1 banks…)

… oh dear, here we go again :slight_smile:



I don’ think I would go above 95W with either of the two boards mentioned in post #11
I bought a 4850e for mine.

Don’t go Phenom, you’re better off with C2D (of C2Q of course) even if they have fewer cores.