Btwincap sourceforge BT8x8 generic drivers, installation question?

Hi Guys,
I had a really hard time deciding which forum this question was better off in, if the mods want to move it, then my humblest apologies-but being video-editing based I thought it might get a better response here.

I’ve just recently setup a dual boot system now of my old Win 98 & now Win XP Home Edition. I’m still tweaking things with setting up the XP partition. I’ve got a Pinnacle PCTV pro TV tuner card I use for some VHS video capturing. (under Windows 98)

In setting up the PCTV card on XP, I’ve given a brief test of both the Pinnacle V5.x WDM drivers,& the BTWincap BT8x8 generic drivers. For the time being I’ve gone back to the pinnacle drivers. When I have to activate Windows XP,I understand it takes a snapshot of your devices to generate the product activation.

I’m worried that if I decided to install the BTWincap drivers after I’ve run the XP product activation,will XP regard that as one of the 3 “changed devices” allowed before you have to reactivate XP again?

I would just hate to waste an allowable device change (in case I upgraded an AGP card,or soundcard or burner), when I haven’t changed any PCI cards,but the BTWincap drivers call my PCTV card another device as far as XP is concerned. Anyone know if the BTwincap drivers are regarded as a “device change” as far as Product activation goes?

Sorry for being so wordy! I’d just like to retain a choice of using either drivers at this point, thanks in advance if anyone can answer! :confused: :slight_smile:

WinXP takes a hardware snapshot, not a software snapshot. The BT8x8 generic drivers are not harware. Surley you upgrade your video drivers regularly and continue to install lots of diffrent software on your PC. Change your Motherboard Firmware though might be seen as chybage of hardware though.