Btc1108im about to die?

the BTC1108im is alternating blink green orange green orange during write to 4x TDk -R . Saw this with btc1004im and soon it failed to ever write again. Anyone seen this? Bad power in the machine?

Sounds like the buffer underrun is kicking in. Does the software tell you this? something is not working right, but I’m not convinced the drive is about to die.

looking for something that would slow the drive, using xcopy xpress(old) to drive.

The Problem is Solved !! The drive is working like a champ. Two things were wrong. One was there was a CDRom driver on top of the ATAPi driver for the device in the configuration. Two, went to WWW.DRVUPDATE.Com and downloaded the latest firmware and viola… ripping speed and writing are now fast, fast, fast.
Thanks for pointing out the buffer underrun.
Just saw the BTC 1108im on sale at Fry’s electronics for $59 US. Now that is cheap.

ECS K7S5a amd +1800 256m DDR XP SP1

kikbak, I have a Creative 8X which is a rebadged BTC1108IM. According to their(BTC) documentation, the drive light is green when reading and orange/yellow when writing. There is absoultly nothing wrong with the drive. Nice feature. I wish other vendors had the same feature.