BTC1008IM Quality Question

Hello All,

Just out of curiosity I decided to run Kprobe against one of my DVDs. I haven’t had any problems playing them in any player but wondered just how good the burns were. The media is Ritek/Arita (RICOHJPN R01) that was burned at 4x. The drive is flashed to v0256. Below I have included to scans. One is using kprobe and reading from my LiteOn 166s and the other is from the burner. The results are extremely different for each.

Here is the result from the 166s:

and here is the same disc run from the BTC:

Have I done something wrong here or could there be an issue with one of my drives that would give me these results? If not, which one is the more accurate result? Please correct me if I screwed up. I’ve been reading the forums here for a while but am certainly no master of all these tools.

always scan 4x8ecc never check max

Ha Ha Ha…

I see that many of you are making the same mistakes regarding KProbe. History is repeating itself, again :wink:

Someone (older forum members will know who) proved that output results from KProbe could not be trusted, confirming my earlier posts that this was the case.

Just read all of the earlier posts to find out.

I only use Kprobe to compare different burns on the same drive. You can not compare scans made on two different drives using the same disc. One reason you see such a huge difference here is the BTC drive has great reading capabilities, probably it’s only real strong point. I have had many disc’s that simply could not be read by any other drive and work perfect on my BTC. I can only conclude that the laser is stronger than most.

Thanks Guys!

I will try burning slower and see if it changes anything. I will also adjust the above mention kprobe setting. I have no play issues. I just wondered how I compared to some of the others I’ve seen.