Will there be any new firmwares for this drive or is that it, doesn’t seem to have been any for months now


I think they forgot about this drive. I’m glad I bought it very inexpensively. When I replace it in a few months, BTC shouldn’t wonder why I’ll buy a different brand. A drive is only as good as the firmware released for it.


i agree with digidoc on some level. my 1008 has been pretty consistent with the right media, but very picky about media too. next time i’ll probably go NEC or Lite-on and save myself the headache of finding the right media


Has BTC officially issued a death certificate for this drive, or are they gonna give it a jump start with new firmware?

It doesn’t seem that old a model for them to withdraw support for…


I think the death certificate has been issued. I’m looking towards benq for my next drive.



Has anyone contacted BTC about this? If so, what was their response?


Just got a Pioneer but have still kept my old BTC as it’s the best reader I’ve ever had and I still use it write cd’s


Alright, I emailed them…

I’ll let you know if they say anything.


I’m curious if they reply. BTC Marco has been noticeably absent lately. The drive is a very good reader, but that’s not what I bought a DVDRW for.


Hrmm…not what I hoped for:

This model had phased out for a long time,so the firmware update rate is very slow.
You can check new firmware on our website:

I did reply to that, but no response yet.


Phased out for a long time, I don’t get that mine is only just over 12 months old, does that mean you have to get a new one every 12 months, ridiculous


Yes, but the new one won’t be a BTC. I only bought mine in June.


No it puts you off buying them, although once you get the right media they are ok, as I say I just got a Pioneer 109 writing with Ritek G05’s and not had a coaster yet so I’m very happy, although some people seem to be having problems with them from looking at the pioneer forum


I think the 4x write speed that I am limited to on an 8x drive is definitely the deal breaker. This is a young company that should learn from NEC’s success. Not releasing firmware saves money for the quarter, but does not build loyal customers to the brand. In fact, quite the opposite.


Hmmm, I think I’m gonna take credit for the new firmware. :wink:


Well done although when I put the live update on last night it didn’t come up


Best bet is to stear clear of BTC completly until they improve. Unless your using their drives for CDR burning or reading but when it comes to DVD burning we have seen how bad the results can be just look at the review of BTC DRW1108IM DVD±R/RW on this site.


I never had any trouble with mine, it was just the fact that it was slow, it did let me down a few times but that was a disc problem and I realised it was the discs that I was using. It’s a shame that they don’t keep things up to date because it’s the best reader bar none, I’ve had a new Liteon DVD rom put in but even that doesn’t read everything the BTC even reads discs with faults on them, the reason I have a Pioneer now is because I won it, but I still have my BTC I’m very reluctant to get rid of it


Check BTC site I think you will find new one there


Just a heads up for anyone who’s updating the 1008. I did Liveupdate for V0060 last week. Details about the revisions are sketchy (if they exist at all), so I was hoping to get the old beast to recognize some more 8x media.

Everything was going as planned, but the updater program took a major dump at about 75% complete.

I was patient. I took a smoke break. I drank a beer. Went back 20 minutes later, and the #^$$%*&$ thing still said it was updating.

Gave it the 3-finger salute. Nope, can’t kill the process.

There was no activity light on the drive, so I checked to make sure I had enough cash for a new drive & hit the PC’s power switch.

The DVD Gawdz were smiling on me, because when the PC rebooted, I still had a functioning drive that recognized the 8x +R’s I just bought.

Talk about a nerve wracking night. You could have the same thing happen to you, so this is just something to be aware of.