BTC1008 not burning with Memorex DVD+R?

Ok here’s my specs:

XP Pro SP1 with all current Updates
BTC (Magicspin) 1008, updated to Firmware …055
Ripped using DVDStripper and DVD shrink.
Memorex 4x DVD+r RICOHJPN-R01-002
Number on Disc: D1109A51918R

With the above specs, I was burning cheap media from Comp USA with no coasters. I switch to some Memorex 4x DVD+R from OM and Nero fails to get past 20-25% completion. It will completely freeze, the HD light and the Light on the Burner will stay lit, also the BTC Drive is completely unresponsive after forcing Nero to close. I have to restart the computer to get the Drive to open again. Device Manager isn’t showing a problem either.

I couldn’t find anything on the forums about the newest firmware having issues with this media, but I know it was a popular sell a couple week ago. Anyone have a solution or some suggestions? Is it just this media?



Hey I have this problem too, I posted it in this thread:

Too bad I don’t have a solution just yet. Did you successfully write at 4x on the cheap media from Comp USA?

It was old 1x media I got dirt cheap awhile back. Nero burned it at 2x though :slight_smile: Thanks for the link, I’m thinking of just trying to ditch this drive and pick up something better.


I am having the exact same problem stops at 21% to 26% HD light flashing solid nothing responding. Burned 10 Disc’s without any issues both TDK and Memorex 4X now can’t burn a disc to save my life. Also I do not have any option but 4X with Nero 6 would like to try at 2X but only shows 4X. Any thoughts?? :confused:


I have the 1008 (Micro Advantage) with the V054 FW that it shipped with. I use RiData/Arita media. The code for these is also RICOHJPN-R01-002. All of them have burned completely and at 4x.

I’m not sure what the problem is, but the drive/media combo is working well for me. Perhaps it is a software issue instead of the burner or media.

Hello, have anybody successfully burned the Ritek G04 DVD-R 4X on MicroAdvantage 8DVDRW – DVD±RW 8X Superdrive/BTC 1008 using Nero 6 burning software? So far I just have a couple of coasters out of +R media, but can not get a single Ritek -R burned yet. 4 bad ones so far.
BTW, the burner has the latest firmware version 059.