BTC1008 any good?

Is the BTC1008 any good. I have a choice of the

Or should I wait for Dual Layer burners?

I think the Gigabyte is also a BTC 1008 OEM version. I would recommend buying another brand drive. BTC just doesn’t seem to be able to get it right, just look through this forum. I am not familiar with Aopen drives, Sony drives are kind of expensive and I think the new 8X drive is actualy an Optorite 401. I haven’t heard many bad things about that drive so that is what I would go for.

As far as waiting for dual layer drives, I really doubt that media for such drive with be avalable at a decent price for quite some time. This could allow you to pay a lot less for a single layer drive now and what for the media to come down in price. By the time it does, the drives should be much cheaper too. If you do it this way, you will end up with both a single layer drive and a dual layer drive for the same price or less than waiting for the dual layer and jumping on very quickly after they are released.

Just my opinion though.

When you say btc does not seem to get it right,
what do you mean?

Are they problemmatic or break ealisy?

I am very satisfied with the BTC-Drive (1008).

  • is a very good, very fast CD-Burner
  • is very quiet, even if reading at highest speed nearly noisless (very important for me)
  • supports bitsetting with newest firmware
  • burns nearly all DVD medias I tried since firmware v054
    (except of PRINCO)
  • has a very fair prize
  • is very good supported (every email i send to them was answered very quick and helpful)


The BTC is my first choice because the sony is too expensive for my liking

I would recommend you a sony drive with the sony i never had any troubles!

The btc drive is in my opinion a better cd burner with dvd writting option.
I produced more dvd coasters in 1week with the btc drive than in 1 one year with the sony!

the BTC1008 seem to get very good reviews.
One draw back is that it writes DVD+R a bit slow

But I dont use DVD+R

I must admit that my opinion is based on my experience with the 1004IM. That is a very poor burner that can’t even burn some of the media listed on the compatability list. I have put the 1008 firmware on the 1004 and it does work better on the media that I was having problems with. I really believe that BTC has given itself a bad name with the 1004IM, things like the drive killing itself formatting +RW disks and producing disks that could only be read on the 1004 itself. If they fixed the problems with the 1004, then I would trust them, but they have yet to do it and where I live you can get just about any other drive for price that is close to what this one costs.

Until very recently, BTC did not list any media as compatible at 8X. Now, they show only TUDEN000T01 and DAXON AZ1 as being 8X capable. While Plextor and others will write some 4X media at 8X, apparently the BTC will not.

During the period of time that BTC did not list any compatible 8X media, I kind of felt that I had bought a 4X drive with false speed rating.

Now, I have to find either TUDEN000T01 or DAXON AZ1 blanks to see how it does perform as an 8X writer.

That being said, I’ve been very pleased with it’s performace as a 4X writer. I’ve successfully used it with both + and + media, though it does seem to be a bit faster with 4X - discs. It takes a tad longer to recognize the +R media. Both play flawlessly on all stand-alones I’ve tried them with. :rolleyes: