BTC1004 : All in order, but nothing works!



Good morning to all of you in the Forum.
On my pc I have (from two years) two CD&DVD burners, a Samsung and a BTC DVDRW 1004. All has gone fine, until the day before yesterday .
Sunday I have wanted to try to install Linux Mandriva, (and then I have uninstalled it, thinking of it as possible cause of my troubles with BTC DVDRW1004).
The BTC has stopped working.
I don’t know whether to impute the missed operation to the installation of Linux (it seems to me unlikely) but the fact stays that starting from Sunday evening, neither it records neither it reads any type of CD or DVD.
Logically, before writing here, I have looked for by myself in all the property inside Windows, and in all the ways, to understand where the breakdown could be, but uselessly.
I’m told anywhere that “the peripheral correctly works” and indeed the BTC Burner accepts all the types of imput : it opens, it closes the counter, if I insert there a CD or a DVD, the led flashes for some seconds, as it has always done, but then it doesn’t read anything.
I also have replaced the firmware (it was already the 0251, therefore up-to-date) and the action has gone fine, but also in this case: any positive result.
Practically everything is to its place and seems working fine, but nothing works!
To someone that reads me a similar or equal case has already happened ?
Has it been him possible to resolve it?
Thanks in advance to whom had to give me suggestions

I apologize for my very bad English !


Hi giocarra and welcome to cdfreaks,

to create multiple threads regarding the same topic is defenitely against our forum rules and it surely doesn’t help you to get a quick answer. Be patient and respect cdfreaks by respecting our rules.

It looks like that your drive died. You can check the drives functionality by installing the drive into a other PC. Also, have you a other drive installed in the same PC? Is this one working correctly?

P.S. the other thread has been deleted.


Thanks a lot for your reply.
Yes, I’ve a other PC and I’ll try to make BTC1004 worinking on that one.
And, yes, the Samsung drine, installed on the same PC is working fine.
I’ll try to exchange the two of them .
Thnaks again,