BTC to quit optical drive business



BTC to quit optical drive business

Jimmy Hsu, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Friday 5 December 2008]

Behavior Tech Computer (BTC), a Taiwan-based maker of PC peripherals, has decided to end production of optical disc drive (ODD) loaders as well as marketing ODDs under its brand BTC, according to industry sources.

BTC used to be a global top ODD OEM maker, but stopped business operations in 2006 mainly because the company was unable to solve patent problems, the sources indicated. However, BTC continued to produce ODD loaders as well as marketing own-brand ODDs in Taiwan and China. Under the negative impact of the global financial crisis, BTC is unable to maintain both the loader and own-brand marketing businesses, the sources pointed out.


Isn’t this kind of old news? Since when has anyone even seen a BTC brand drive?

Now, if this means that the Emprex brand is going away (marketed in the states), which were nothing more than rebadged Optiarcs of late, then it makes sense.