BTC to launch 8x dual format DVD writer

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    BTC   (Behavior Tech Computer Corp.) has announced the specifications of its new  8x DVD writer, the DRW 1008IM. Compared with its predecessor, the DRW 1004IM, it's  mainly the DVD+R/RW write...
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Looks like another plextor rebadge…at least from the specs. I can honestly say I’m VERY pleased with the plextor 708a. It burns my Memorex 4X DVD+R’s quite nicely at 8X. :d

Almost but the Plextor can read CD-RW media at 40x (the BTC is listed as 32x) and the Plextor drive has different seek times (100ms for CDs and 150ms for DVDs). I also see that the BTC drive can read DVD±RW media at 6x, the Plextor PX-708A does this at 8x. So, judging on these differences, I don’t think the BTC is a rebadged Plextor drive.

No many of the coming DVD writers will have very similar specs but that doesn’t mean they are rebadged drives or even share any components as many of the chipsets have quite similar specs too. BTC used Mediatek chipset for the DRW 1004 so that’s probably what you’ll find in the DRW 1008 too.

Nice, currently Plextors 8x writer is a steal at 186 dollars street price, but now that a 2nd 8x writer comes into play, maybe it will bring the price down to 149 or so. Can’t wait until DVD drives come closer to CDR drive prices, heck why wait, 149 for a top of the line Plextor is worth my money, time to upgrade!

If the 8X BTC is no better than what I’ve read about their 4X combo drive, it will be a waste of time. (So far, I haven’t seen a single positive review of the BTC 4X but a lot of people claim any media they write on it won’t read on any other device)

dentman42 - What a stupid remark to make! :frowning: Geesh man, do you think BTC will still be selling anything if you can’t read it on other devices?!! I’ve tested the BTC x4 model and have used the media in many other devices including DVD Players.

BTC makes it´s own drives. They real cheap, cheaper than Liteon :B You get never Plextor-drives for prices like BTC have :S