Btc no more firmware?

on btc site no more dvd burner firmware ?

only 1008 model on there now?


They gave up!!!

yep they gave up

Anyway the direct download links are working (for older and the latest ones). You can also check out the Emprex HP for the latest FW’s.

Also look here for the newest FW’s and here for older FW’s.

/Also, I#ve contacted BTC regarding this issue and hope to get an answer soon

I just received an answer. According to the mail can I tell you all that the BTC support is now concentrated on Liveupdate and at this moment it is unclear if there are any updates for the 1004 in the future.

whats the live update site, and can i download it from there?

the Liveupdate tool is the auto-update tool for BTC drives. it checks for new updates and auto-updates the firmware if you like.

more information here on the DRVUpdate site

i ment is can u manualy download firms from the liveupdate site

I guess no, because I haven’t seen any firmware download links there

know of any good btc firm site like codekings liteon site?

most liekly not right, as btc arnt the best drives, but for the money i got mine around black friday (wasnt a black friday sale tho) for 39.99 and havent used it much, works good for only certain types of media, crap for other, but hey its a backup