BTC IDE1008IM + External Enclosure and -R DVDs?


I just got a MicroAdvantage DVDRW drive (BTC 1008IM) as a temp solution for my DVD burning needs while my Liteon gets repaired.

So far I’ve had nothing but trouble with it. First off, the firmware flasher cant see it in the external enclosure. Second, when trying any RitekG04 -R discs, it stays at the first 1% of the burn in Nero…permanently, while the little orange light just flashes away for 10 minutes or whenever I get fed up and cancel the burn. As soon as I take it out of the USB/Firwire enclosure and put it in the computer (as master on 2nd IDE channel w/DMA) it burns normally, but the burned disc can’t be read in anything.

I used my old Liteon to check with KProbe and the results are very good, but its meaningless if the disc doesn’t play (which it used to with my old Liteon).

Ive tried the 59 and 58 firmwares, but nothing seems changed.

Is anyone really happy with the BTC and -R DVDs? I’ve never wanted to do physical harm to a piece of equipment, but this drive…