BTC firmware Speedhacking tool!

Thanks to Code65536, BTC owners can now speedhack their firmware for increased write speeds on specific medias!
Just because you can speedhack a particular media to 8X does not necessarily mean that it will actually be able to burn it at 8X.

This tool is in BETA, use at your own risk!
Remeber, flashing hacked firmware VOIDS your drives warranty!

Backup your firmware with MTK FLASH 1.80 (Always keep a copy of your original unaltered firmware!)
Make a copy and then patch your firmware with the speedhack tool.
Load the patched firmware back to your drive using MTK Flash 1.80

BTC Speedhacker Tool:
Link removed because this tool has been retired… please use the MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool instead.

Here’s my first successful speedhacked media burn.

Ridata RitekR03 speedhacked to 8X.

Total burn time was 10:08 minutes.

So far the following discs have failed to write at 8X after a speedhack:

I am currently writing a CMC MAG R01 at 8X.
Results posted soon…

Thank you for those results. :wink:

The tool is no longer in beta and is now in release.

CMC MAG R01 burn took 30 minutes :frowning: Only 2.4X burn.

CMC MAG F01 4X certified burn failed.
Looks like speedhacking doesn’t work too well on this drive :frowning:

At over 10 minutes, even the successful speedhacked Ritek burn was not so speedy.

Considering that the drive has problems as-is with certified-8x, I don’t think that people should get too hopeful about overspeed-8x… though the R03 worked out nicely (probably helped that it was 8x-certified). I wonder how the R01 would’ve done if you oversped it to only 4x instead of 8x…

looks good :slight_smile:

good job guys

anyone else tried this yet???

Just tried speedhacking RICOHJPNR01 to 6X. (without any write strat swaps)
The burn was actually able to complete @6X however, the resulting disc is unreadable and cannot even be fully scanned by Kprobe.