Btc dvd tray problem

hi to all!
i have kind of a problem and i cannot figure it out
whenever i try to open the loading tray of my btc bdv212 dvd rom drive it does open but closes the next moment
it is quite annoying cause ihave to be very fast in order to get a disc inside it and i have scratched many cds and dvd
can anyone please help?

Ooops! Why won’t you take your finger off that button? :wink:

Serious: probably a defective switch (contacts bouncing).

Regards, Martin A

I’ve the same problem with the same BTC model.

I think it’s something concerning the firmware, whith previous versions I never had this problem (now I’ve ver. 0.43 installed).

I noticed no problem of this kind when you open the drive by a software command (go to My Computer - right click on the drive - Eject).


it is for sure not a firmware problem cause i have had this problem with my previous firmware and now with 0,43.
my thought is that it has to do sth with the XP

It seems that the problem is present only when you press the open button while the disk is turning.
When I press the button and the disk has stopped running, the tray opens and stay open.

the problem for my drive is always present
does someone knows what i can do about it

I’ve battled the same problem with a LiteOn 16X DVD reader for the last several months. Got pretty good at swapping discs quickly <grin>.

The problem resolved itself when I did a clean install of XP Pro. Previous refresh installs didn’t help, but it’s all fixed now.


yes ok you solved your issue by inst winxp from the start
I my self want to skip that step and try sth else
So can someone help?